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What are actually we doing ?

Our first aim is to introduce to all of you about the latest invention in the field of science & Technology. In abbreviated form, it is popularly known as DMIT in Scientific Community. To get a preliminary idea about this very interesting discovery you have to go through some basic works of Dr. Harold Cummins who is known as “The Father of Dermatoglyphics.” Then please do not forget to read the articles of Dr. Howard Gardner, a Professor of Cognition & Education, Harvard University, Boston, USA. Our team is working in a multi-directional way. Firstly, we will perform DMIT Test on our clients (e.g. Students) and will try to know the most interesting field of his / her choice. Secondly, our target is to provide online guidance on the basis of the DMIT report so that he/she can excel in the field of his / her choice. Our next vision is to create a classroom-based knowledge hub that will ultimately lead to the complete utilization of the inherent potential of an aspirant.

Our Specialization

The perfect counselling process with scientific technology.

Career Counselling

We are engaging to assist you to find out the appropriate professional career as well as the discipline in which you can succeed most.

Behavior Counselling

One's behavior plays an crucial role towards the path of achieving success. Sometimes your skill and knowledge can not even lead to your desired destination because of negative role of behavior and attitude. We scientifically try to understand how your behavior may affect your career and provide thoughtful and logical remedy based on DMIT report so that you may find enthusiasm and peace in your job and day to day life.

Academic Counselling

Let try to recall the great saying of ancient Chinese Philosopher Laozi, 'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be' or have you seen the movie 3 Idiots? Actually this reflects the huge influential role of the parents for the choosing of the career of their children in our society. This creates an immense pressure on them which may even sometimes cause suicidal attempt. We , the R R Enterprises, give a high input against this socio-cultural oppression so that a blooming bud can flourish naturally and get the right pathway to choose their academic discipline and can fulfill their dream.

Relationship Counselling

Have you ever tried to know how the relationship with your colleagues can affect your productivity? It is not the case only in your office but your personal or day to day life may equally be in trouble if you do not care about bonding with the people you are dealing with. Yes, we are assuring you that you will come out from this issue. Scientifically our experts will provide you the best counselling that will surely help you to make a good connectivity with the surrounding people. Obviously, this indirectly will make a positive output in your efficiency.

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Best Educational Consultant

Have you ever wished to get skilled in a particular field? Or you have wondered how cool it would be to learn a skill? No need to wait any longer, as R R Enterprises is launching a new scientific tool that will answer every above queries. At R R Enterprises we ensure our clients to get the consultancy scientifically, using high standard DMIT equipment and we also having access to a wide range of standard DMIT tools & Software. Please do not waste time, give one chance to us if we can alter your so called ‘LUCK’. 

Why Choose Our Firm

Educare Formally Known as R R ENTERPRISES

Experienced Educator

Our well experienced and young motivated group will assess you and depending on your individuality, will guide you the best way of learning pedagogy.

Best Counselling Strategy

We have the latest technology DMIT in our hand and our professional team will provide the most appropriate report for you and then their counselling may help you to find the best pathway towards your aim in life.

Review Your Case

Everybody has a specialty and we take care of every individual to flourish their talent in a natural way.

What Our Clients Say

My daughter was really confused about the job prospects all over and they helped her to choose the correct course.
Partha Sau
Rely on them because they tend to know you more than you and they will always suggest you the best thing.
S Dasgupta
They helped me a choosing things when I was completely confused about things they guided me throughout a lot.
Avijit Das

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